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Australian Real Estate Group Pty Ltd is a company focused on all things real estate. We have numerous services that we specialise in and can help you save 1,000’s of dollars and in many cases 10’s of 1,000’s of dollars in fees and costs.

If you have a large backyard or block of land, we can help you get some cash for it or build a new home on your land for FREE. Visit

If you are looking to sell a property thru a real estate agent, we can save you thousand’s in fees & commissions. Visit

If want to sell a business, we can help you achieve the maximum sale price as well as 1,000’s of dollars in fees and commissions. Visit

If you need a builder, we can negotiate costs down significantly which in most cases will save 10’s of 1,000’s of dollars. Visit

If you need an energy report of assessment, we can find you a competent and experienced energy assessor who could save you 1,000’s of dollars in the long run. Visit

If you are in mortgage arrears, we can help the majority of people in this situation. Visit

If you are interested in any of our services, please check out our websites to get more information.

Helping People In Home Loan Difficulty

Home Loan Help

Stopping Property Repossessions

top My Repossession

Helping People Under Mortgage Arrears Stress

Home Loan Experts

Home Loans

Busting Personal & Business Debt

Debt Buster

Get Cash for you Backyard

Save $1,000's on Estate Agents Commissions

Australian Estate Brokers

Save $1,000's on Business Brokers Commissions

Australian Business Brokers

Save $1,000's on Building Costs

Australian Building Group

Expert Energy Reports & Assessments

Australian Energy Efficiency Group